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Sortation Systems identify, separate, merge and direct products to specific destinations.

Metzgar will work with you to determine which device will best fit your needs.

Metzgar sortation devices include diverters, pop-ups and other transfer devices that are precisely timed to sort and divert whatever product you need to move.

With Metzgar sorting products, accuracy is unequalled, while maintaining safe product handling at all times.

Some examples of our products are listed below.

M 45 - Pivoting Bow Arm Sorter

m45 sort
  • Designed to handle both totes and cartons up to 60 pounds in weight.

  • Metzgar Conveyor's design eliminates high decibel sound readings that develop when handling plastic totes on straight diverter arms. This is accomplished through the unique "bowed" arm design and UHMW strip face.

  • Capable of sorting individual items at rates up to 50 per minute or maintain an "divert" position for the constant flow of product.

  • The pivoting bow arm sorter is adaptable to both belt and roller conveyors at sortation angles of 30 and 45 degrees. Right hand or left hand diverts are available.

  • M 60 – Pivoting Divert Sorter

    m60 diverter
  • Gain positive high-speed sortation at rates up to 60 cases per minute and weights up to 65 pounds.

  • The pivoting divert sorter provides gentle handling of fragile items, including china and crystal.

  • Proven reliability when used with high-speed sortation belt units. Maintains proper carton orientation with either right hand or left hand diverts available. Minimal maintenance requirements.

  • Optional air assist feature available for sorting lightweight or bagged items.

  • M90 - High Speed Pivoting Divert Sorter

    m90 pivot
  • Precisely timed high-speed sortation rates up to 90 cartons per minute.

  • Metzgar's high speed pivoting divert sorter assumes 90-degree rotation of all cartons in a swift, but gentle fashion.

  • Proven reliability when used with high-speed sortation belt units.
  • Right hand or left hand diverts available.

  • M 50/50 – Right Angle Pusher

    right angle pusher
  • Packages of various weights, sizes and shapes are pushed off your conveyor at right angles with the same CONSTANT FORCE AND SPEED - NO LAUNCHINGS!

  • Metzgar's right angle pusher is unequalled in its ability to handle totes and cartons at rates up to 60 cycles per minute.

  • Compact and space efficient with a unique telescoping design, this unit requires MINIMAL SPACE on the side of the conveyor to mount.

  • Adaptable to belt and roller conveyors. Can be easily modified to accommodate special applications.

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